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Top Ways You Can Bring a Splash of Colour to Your Home this Spring

Days are starting to grow longer and the air is warmer in Perth. That is one indication that indeed, spring is here. What a perfect time to stash away those thick blankets, open the windows and think about restyling your home interior to match the warmer weather. You may have accumulated clutter during the past winter months but no need to worry. With a few home styling tips amped up with new furniture packages Perth stores have on sale, you can now easily refresh the look of your home perfect for spring.


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Say goodbye to dark, gloomy winter style elements and bring in colours and sunshine in your home. You can even opt for new furniture package deals in Perth to completely revamp your interior.


Below are ways on how you can transform your home and bring in splashes of colour, energetic patterns and textures to transition your home to spring. With the many furniture packages Perth wide that you can choose from, you can now update your interior in a breeze.


    • Some things are best expressed in flowers. Fresh blossoms breathe life into a room and provide a vivid cheer. Include a sprinkle of crisp yellow with a golden-headed daffodil or two or choose pastel pink tulips to freshen up your countertops and coffee tables. Do not just focus on flowers, though. You can also bring in twigs, and greenery to enjoy the beauty of spring right in your home.


    • Smart use of textiles and fabrics. Removing those winter-themed heavy fabrics and replacing them with lighter ones can initially transform your space. Drapes should be cleaned regularly so use this time to clean them and opt for open weaves like chiffon or organza to bring light in. Don’t forget to swap dark-coloured throw pillows and slipcovers with bright white or bold floral patterns.


    • Buy new bedding. Having a fresh set of sheets, throw pillows or updated duvet covers can freshen the look of your bedroom. If you still have the cash to spare, you can even update your bedroom furniture with trendy furniture packages Perth stores offer for a more stylish and comfortable bedroom. With available cheap furniture packages on offer, finding the perfect one for your bedroom will be an easy feat.


  • Declutter your interior. A simple way to refresh the look of your interior is by removing the clutter. Excess furniture may only crowd the space in your living room. You can move them to a different are like on your porch for extra seating or put them up for a yard sale. This way you can declutter your home and at the same time earn a few bucks.


  • Let the light in. Take advantage of natural light this spring. Drive away the winter blues and bring in the sunshine by choosing the right curtains or window treatments. You can opt for cotton or synthetic drapes to bring more light in your home. You can also opt for bright white plantation shutters or semi-transparent blinds.


The above are surefire ways you can revamp your interior to match the bold and bright colours of springtime. If you live in a small apartment, selecting the right furniture packages for apartments in Perth will help you maximise your space while sticking to your theme. If you want more ideas and tips for home makeovers, you can find many ideas online or visit http://furniturefitouts.com.au/ for more details.

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