The 6 Best Bike Accessories That Every Cyclist Must Have

Whether you are a professional cyclist, a casual rider, or a daily computer, having the appropriate accessories/equipment for the journey makes a big difference. If you’re looking for the right and best bike accessories online but can’t decide which you should get, then read on.

In this post, we have compiled the bike accessories that will make your ride more comfortable, easier, and, most importantly, safer.

1. Rear and front lights

If you are planning to ride at night, your lights are the best form of protection. For example, they’ll brighten your way and make you visible to pedestrians and other motorists.

In the city, there is a sufficient light so that other drivers will be able to see you. But for roads where there is insufficient source of light, you can try these out.

2. Helmet

Cycling is safer, particularly when you observe a number of safety measures. The possibilities of having serious crashes are very small if you wear a helmet.

However, for a helmet to be very effective, you need to attach and fit it securely and properly to your head. In other words, it must be level, covering your forehead and, more importantly, the straps must be snug. Helmets are one of the best bike accessories online.

3. Cycling Shoes

These types of shoes come equipped with firm soles so that your feet will not get sore flexing through the pedals. Choose one that is stiff and offers solid arch support yet remains light. This way, you can pedal efficiently and without hurting any part of your legs.

For a comfortable driving experience, invest in shoes made for cycling.

4. Pump

From time to time, you will need to pump your tires to make sure that the pressure will stay at a safe level that helps in preventing holes. At home, consider using a track pump once a week. However, if you love riding your bicycle over long distance, then you will need a mini-pump you can bring along.

5. Lock

One of the unfortunate things about cycling is bicycle theft. Of course, as a bike owner, you don’t want to experience this. With that in mind, make sure to invest in a high-quality bike lock that you can get from any bike accessories shop.

When it comes to locks, there are different types that you can choose from. D or U locks are a popular as they make theft more difficult. There is also a Hiplok D-lock that comes with a hook that you can attach to a trouser or belt saving you from adding more weight to the bicycle or a backpack.

6. Waterproof jacket

One of the best bike accessories online that you can get is the waterproof jacket. This accessory is very helpful when you are riding a bike under a heavy rain.

Today, there are lots of waterproof jackets where you can choose from. So to ensure that you are only getting the best one here are the important things that you need to look out:

· Reflective patches

· Collar and sleeves design, make sure it keeps the drips out.

· Waterproof treatment

· Venting

· Taped seams

These are only a few of the many must-have bike accessories. Today, there are lots of sellers that sell bike accessories and one of which is the Mellow Johnny’s Online Store, it is a useful site where you can buy high-quality accessories at reasonable price tags.

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