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Finding the Right Arborist Service for That Tree on Your Yard

Huge, bulky trees may be pretty to look at in a yard in a Canberra neighbourhood, but they can be a liability sometimes. Taking care of trees is a major commitment—you have to learn how to get rid of pests and be extra careful of spraying herbicides. Specifically, when you want to prune trees with big, bulky trunks and branches, you may have to call professional arborists and get the services in tree pruning Canberra providers offer.


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Why call arborists?

Arborists are experts who have the right tools and experience to manage any tree in domestic and commercial properties, regardless of their size. In Canberra, for instance, there are services by well-known arborists available to neighbourhoods and commercial properties. These include trimming and felling using a winch. They not only cut down a tree easily with their tools, they can also strategise on how to manage a tree properly without resorting to felling if it’s not really needed. For clients, this is a good way to save on service fees.

Here are the common services of an Arborist company your tree or yard might need:


Again, regardless of the size, professional arborists are skilled in felling. They can also remove or fell a tree using a winch that’s already rotting or one that’s about to fall. However, they just don’t fell it in a snap—they also perform site surveys and oversee maintenance methods prior to felling. This is especially useful in case a tree is located within or near the vicinity of a house or a commercial building. Because it can be a challenge, arborists carry out a management plan that will ensure the safety of the proprietors short- and long-term wise.

Trimming and Pruning

Trimming can be done to mould your trees into a certain shape that is safe enough for people to pass without the overhanging branches and leaves blocking their path or line of sight. Overgrown branches are hazardous, especially if the tree is located in an area where there’s constant traffic. People, especially tall ones, may walk briskly and get accidentally hit by an overgrown, drooping branch. Moreover, it’s also a risk to your property or it can taint your yard’s kerb appeal.

If you’re in Canberra, the solution for this is to hire a Canberra tree pruning service from an arborist. It’s better to opt for a tree pruning in Canberra than trim or prune the branch on your own. You can find tree pruning Canberra has today by contacting the likes of  http://www.specialisedarbor.com.au/tree-pruning-canberra-queanbeyan/

Tree pruning Canberra arborists will also provide you the information about the suitable trimming or pruning equipment for your yard. They also choose the right tools that won’t affect the health of the rest of the tree that will remain after pruning. This gives the tree additional years to its life.

Helping you plant other tree species

Arborists do not just only trim, fell, or remove a tree. They can also provide information on what kind of trees you should plant in your yard. As mentioned, they can survey a site, which means they can evaluate if your soil type or the climate in your area is suitable for a specific type of tree.

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