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Automatic Gate Safety Regulation and How it Affects Business Owners

The datasheet or manual of your commercial gates can always provide the essential information about safety and usage. But some commercial gates datasheets, no matter how simple and clear they tend to be, will always be readable only to licensed gate operators. As the business owner or manager of a commercial building, knowing your commercial gates’ safety requirements and standards is still your responsibility.

In this article, information about automated gate safety in general and commercial gates will be detailed. If you’re looking for companies who can install commercial wooden gates Leicester has today or ornate metal gates Leicester can provide, then you must definitely read the following:

Automated Gate Safety – Regulations and Laws

Safety in automatic gates is really crucial especially if it’s situated in a commercial property with a constantly congested traffic of vehicles and customers, especially children. Knowing the laws relating to automatic gate safety and how it affects you as a business owner is imperative to keep your customers and your reputation safe and intact.

Ensuring the efficiency and safety of using an automatic gate falls under the Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act 2005 that mandates every business owner to ensure the safety of the provision, design, and maintenance of machinery used by employees. This could also apply to making sure that the machines used by customers or guests are working with maximum efficiency and are hazard-free.

Specifically, it’s indicated at the sections 19-20 of the Act, which says:

“A powered gate at a place of work is considered to be work equipment to which the provisions of Part 2, Chapter 2 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 (S.I. No. 299 of 2007) (as amended) apply.”

Moreover, this means that it’s the responsibility of the manufacturer of an automatic gate, whether for domestic or commercial use, to scrutinise the quality of the product before putting it on the market or making it available for daily usage at any place. More information at magtecelectricgates.co.uk.

How these laws take effect on business owners

Now you know that you have to comply with regulations imposed by the government, it’s time for you to choose a trustworthy gate supplier who can cater to your automatic gates needs—whether you just need an upgrade, such as an access control-based software for a commercial property. In this case, you should check first if your supplier is registered with the Private Security Authority (PSA).

Meanwhile, if you are about to install a new gate in your commercial property, ensure that your supplier or gate company performs an initial risk assessment. This covers the suitable and risk-free location, security, and usage of the automatic gate in your area. Performing this assessment will then provide a common ground for you and the company to discuss the estimated costs and negotiate. All the while, you can also discuss and review if the company has met and addressed the safety standards.

In addition, make sure they provide the necessary information with regards to hazards when operated by untrained users. As stated by the European Union, safety devices must be installed and taught in consideration of untrained employees and operators, and they must comply with the European safety standards of gates.

Complying with safety regulations can be a hassle, but it’s better to go through multiple hoops in ensuring your employees’ and customers’ safety than suffer the consequences. If you’re looking for commercial gates installation companies, you might want to check out http://www.magtecelectricgates.co.uk/ if you’re looking for electric domestic gates as well.

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