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Why Artificial Grass Lawns Keep Looking Attractive

There are many reasons why it is a commendable thing to install artificial grass onto any place, which can be official or domestic surroundings. Having fake grass or synthetic grass by Green Print installed for instance comes with many benefits to a homeowner.

Water Conservation

Lawns comprised of artificial grass do not need water to stay lush, green and beautiful all-year around. It implies that homeowners can end up saving on water after deciding to adopt artificial turf within their landscape. This undertaking cuts down ultimately on water bills. A large proportion of residential water usage goes into watering lawns. This means that the exact amount of cost savings made depends upon the percentage of natural lawn that is replaced with the synthetic grass. Estimates from the Synthetic Turf Council offers estimates indicate that billions of water-gallons are used on annual basis for watering lawns. Certain cities provide credits and rebates to residents who have artificial turf installed as an initiative for saving water-consumption.

Chemical-Free Maintenance

Keeping a natural grass lawn in appealing state might require one to employ pesticides, fertilizers and even chemicals for killing weed-killing to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Installing fake grass onto landscape eliminates need for using lawn-care chemicals and keeps them outside the yard and the surrounding. Homeowners as well appreciate that they do not require spending energy and time carrying out maintenance on an artificial lawn. People rather enjoy having spare time to perform other crucial actions like edging, seeding and mowing on their lawns.

LEED® Certification

In addition, most kinds of artificial turf boast recognition as materials that contribute to sustainable building initiatives. The U.S. Green Building Council, a non-profit organization that focuses on sustainable design and construction of buildings, developed LEED building rating system. This system aims at guiding green builders in creating buildings optimized for sustainability. Synthetic lawns can assist green builders in meeting USGBC LEED guidelines in several categories that include WE1, SS61, SS62, MR4 and MR6.1. Clients who install fake grass or synthetic grass by Green Print for example get to enjoy a manufacturer’s warranty of 8 years for quality.


Certain places offer recycling programs for artificial turf to ensure its sustainability. In some cases, recycled plastic is utilized for creating backing, which in turn is applied for manufacturing premium synthetic grass products. The undertaking in all helps keep waste that is unnecessary out of landfills. As well, artificial grass incorporates soybean plants too, which are fully renewable resources, into the grass-backing process.

Health & Wellness

It is a worthwhile and necessary effort trying to save the ecosystem. However artificial grass contributes to the health and general wellness of both humans and animals occupying a particular surrounding. Artificial turf lacks any allergens such as natural grass and plants. It does not harbor insects too, as synthetic turf lacks any nourishment for them. Grass stains are get dealt with once for all after someone installs artificial grass lawn. Fake grass provides the soft surface which children require for playing on and does not leave mud or grass stains on their shoes and clothes.

It is important to seek for artificial turf that can suit all the needs of a particular place in a balanced way. This can for instance be used by pets, play-area for children or simply for aesthetic purposes within a given surrounding. Fake grass or synthetic grass by Green Print offers a great alternative to natural grass for any environment around a business or home.

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