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As Australia becomes more and more industrialized, chemicals and other toxic fumes pollute the environment and affect everyone’s health. Good thing there are campaigns that promote eco-friendly alternatives to help balance the scale of toxic fumes and carbon footprint produced by various industries as well as human activities. Builders in Melbourne area are aware of this growing problem and offer eco-friendly solutions when building pre designed homes.

A Clean Breakthrough

When you plan on building a home, you can look for new home builders Melbourne has today for a cost-effective alternative. One advantage in choosing pre designed homes is freedom of design. You can have a custom home design depending on the size of your space or the style you prefer. You can also get to choose the type of sustainable eco-friendly materials for your home to ensure that your home is safe from toxic fumes that can possibly harm you, your family, your neighbors and the entire environment.

Cost-effective Alternatives

Knowing which type of sustainable materials you can opt for your home will help you decide better. Below are examples of materials that builders use when constructing pre designed homes.

1. Wood – There is a reason why wood continues to dominate the home construction market. It is considered as the most sustainable material that requires little processing. To ensure that the wood is not treated by toxic binders, coatings, preservatives, and pesticides, look for products that are certified by accredited environmental protection agencies.

2. Bamboo – Unlike other trees used for hardwood flooring that takes 50-100 years, it only takes 5-7 years for bamboo to mature. Since bamboo has various colors, it becomes a good and cheap flooring choice. You can also use it for your custom cabinets and furniture.

3. Cork – If you want to avoid using cut down trees, you can opt for cork as it is harvested from the bark which can regrow about seven years later. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for your predesigned home. It is also naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, making it a perfect choice for those with sinus allergies.

4. Cotton Insulation – Made from recycled cotton materials, it is good for insulating buildings of various types. Once treated with boric acid, it can become fireproof and pest resistant. It is also as good as conventional fiberglass but unlike traditional fiberglass installation, it does not contain formaldehyde and will not cause skin irritation or lung problems.

Eco-Friendly Advantage 

Using eco-friendly materials for your custom home will not only help the environment. Since an eco-friendly home is made of natural material, it helps improve the quality of indoor air. Although the initial investment may be higher compared to traditional homes, you can save money on energy bills as well as water and fuel bills in the long run. No matter what design you choose for your custom home, you can always talk to Melbourne home builders for an eco-friendly alternative.

As the traditional Australian backyard decreases to compensate for new home demands, more and more people become at risk of physical and mental health problems. Using eco-friendly materials for your custom home may help remedy this problem. But you can also opt for a roof garden installed on your custom home as an alternative to your lack of backyard space.   For more info, visit http://www.l37.com.au/pre-designed/

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